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The Art of Jimbo !

Boston based Digital Illustrator, Artist and Graphic Designer

I've worked with various clientele including bands, alt-weeklies, franchises, start-ups, specialty consumers, corporate clients, as well as web and print publishers. I've exhibited at various galleries, clubs, shows and conventions nationwide. My past and current clients include : Pabst Blue Ribbon, The Weekly Dig, Tattooed Steel, Blue Line Pro, as well as a variety of commissions and contract work. I'm comfortable working with clients on projects both large and small. I am also a certified Adobe Photoshop Expert and Instructor


My art style is predicated on which project I'm working on at the moment. I find flexibility is the key to working with and cultivating various business relationships as we work toward the end goal of a finished product. My workflow is all digital. From concept to end product, everything is done on my tablet in Adobe Suites. I tend to save my traditional media work for Comic book Conventions and Gallery Shows.

That being said if you were to ask me what my traditional "style" is, I'd go with this quote from a recent interview I did:

"Depending on the viewer my art ranges from the fantastical to the crude. Drunken monkeys, musical muses, robot ninjas, tattooed trollips, zombie elvises, warrior wenches, and the ilk are just a sampling of the absurdity that leaks from my brain. I'm not really looking to make a poignant statement or political stand with my work, if I do so be it. In the end I'm just having fun."

Commissions and Rates

I'm always open for commisions and projects both one off and large scale. Rates vary depending on scope and budget. Feel free to contact me with any questions or projects.


I'm also into Horror, Steampunk, Anime, SFX makeup, Video Games, Comics and whatever else an art nerd can get up to in his spare time.

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